Wow!! ! What an exhilarating experience. I felt so good afterwards that words can't describe! If you ever wanted to try it, do it!

The place alone is calming once you walk thru the door. Everything is explained with a tour and questions answered, if any.

The floating experience literally takes away all aches and pain, while the mind silences to no worries in the world. I didn't even want to get out. Afterwards one feels calm, relaxed with a new perspective on life.  I will definitely do this again!

Holly R.

I loved it. Everyone was nice and very welcoming. I was able to totally clear my mind, not think about anything and completely relax. Exactly what I needed!

Mary S.

I was so relaxed I ended up falling asleep. I feel weird saying this cause i usually don't believe in this sort of thing but it was almost like an out of body experience. Also my skin, my hair everything feels amazing now! I would definitely recommend this to all my friends. I already have!

Sarabeth F.

I find floating to be the most substantial change to physical and mental health I can make like compared to a massage

Elizabeth L.

It's always a great relaxing experience. I have mentioned it to many as a way to unwind.

Christer Ask 

When I arrived I was to be honest a little nervous but you guys made me feel very welcome. I absolutely felt more relaxed till I left and I'm already looking at my schedule to be able to come back again!

Shannon K.

If I could give higher than 5 stars, I would. This place is Heaven on Old Berwick Road!! Every time I float I escape the stress of everyday life and I exit feeling so refreshed and zen-like. The tanks remove all that's weighing me down, the minute I close my eyes, I know that all the stress with float away.....and it does!! I can't explain how awesome this place is, the staff is the best ever, they bend over backwards and even handstands to make sure your experience is unique and that you get the best the out of each float. If you're on the fence, I say stop in, look the place over, you won't regret the time you take to see what it's all about, and then when you're ready to leave.....MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO FLOAT!! You have to make the time to re-energize, make yourself calm and peaceful!!
Again, I can't say enough about Art of Floating! They are absolutely the best all around! Clean environment - The Best, Staff - The Best, Experience in the Tank - The Best, The Whole Entire Experience - The Best!!
Now, go schedule yourself a float!! You won't regret it!!!!!!!!

Amy S.

The place is beyond clean & set up really cute & there's a calm in the air. This was my first many more to come.  Staff very helpful & friendly. I would definitely recommend this place I didn't want to get out of tank & couldn't believe my hour was done.  I was so relaxed I could've just slept in there for rest of day.  Thank you art of floating for an awesome first float.  More to come can't wait.

Jill W.

I love 😍 this place! The staff is very friendly, the facility is clean, and I love the relaxing atmosphere. I have gone on a few occasions now and find the same great service each time. Definitely a diamond in the rough. The benefits of floating are extraordinary. Check it out!

Adrienne P.